Our Courses

  • SUP-Yoga


    Sup-Yoga  is a fusion of Yoga and Stand-up-paddling. Consist in practice Yoga on a SUP board in the water. After…

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  • Sail Courses

    Sail Courses

    Sail boat involves using a boat which has the wind as its only propeller (on one or more sails). This…

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  • SUP Courses

    SUP Courses

    SUP (stand up paddle) is a variation of surf where you stand up on a very big surfboard and move…

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  • Windsurf Courses

    Windsurf Courses

    Windsurf is a sail boat specialty which consists in moving on the water over a board mainly thanks to the…

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  • SUP/Sail Tour

    SUP/Sail Tour

    Thanks to its clear waters and white beaches Orosei's coast is the ideal place for people fond of sea and…

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  • Surf Courses

    Surf Courses

    Surf consists in 'riding' the waves with a surfboard. Its strong development in the last decade made it one of…

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  • Adaptive/Paralimpic


    Thanks to the long experience in "Adaptive Sports" for Handicap people of Antonio Silba, the Sea Roots Nautic School offers…

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