SUP Courses

SUP (stand up paddle) is a variation of surf where you stand up on a very big surfboard and move along using a paddle. It's quite a simple sport, which allows to acquire a good balance. It's certainly within the reach of all types of participants and can be easily performed in calm waters in order to get practised, also making long paths to visit different places with a new approach that respects the environment and allows to make physical activity at the same time.

SUP can also offer adrenaline delight, as when you get some experience you can try and surf waves. This way you change from a very quiet activity to a very exciting and challenging one.

First approach to this watersport happens safely in calm and shallow waters, always assisted by a coach. As far as advances courses or wave SUP are concerned, suitable conditions will be chosen according to the surfer's skills.

We also arrange tours to discover the fabulous beaches of our coast, among which 'Bidderosa' oasis and 'Cala Luna' and its caves.


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  1. Hi,
    I wanted to ask if one can also RENT a SUP board for a few days or even a whole week while staying in Orosei. If so, what are the prices?

    Thanks so much in advance and greetings from Berlin,

    • Hey Francisca yes you can rent if no problem. Let’s talk in WhatsApp or call us for all details! 00393406642463

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