Come and discover the Coast of Orosei with Sea Roots Watersports!

Surf, Windsurf, SUP and Sail for an unforgettable experience

to discover the wonders of the Coast of Orosei.

Our stengths


Our passion for sea and sports.

Sea Root Nautic School was born out of passion for sea and watersports, which allows adults and kids, experts, beginners and people with disabilities to live and unforgettable and marvellous experience at the Coast of Orosei. We love what we do!


Discover the magic of the Sardinian coast

The activities we offer are surrounded by a magnificient landscape: heaven-like beaches, cristal clear waters and places full of history and culture make of our work a passion. Every day we find the right conditions to do the different types of watersport we offer and enjoy the nature offered by the coast of Orosei.


Professional instructors: Andrea and Antonio Silba

Andrea and Antonio Silba are the two instructors who founded Sea Roots Watersports. They have travelled around Europe exploring the sea with a strong passion for watersports. Now they want to share their passion throughout their experience at Sea Roots Nautic School.


Explore the coast of Orosei on our SUP and sail tours

We will visit the uncontaminated beaches of  "Oasi di Bidderosa", "Cala Cartoe" and the worldknown beach of "Cala Luna" paddling and sailing throughout a stunning nature in order to enjoy the beauty of these unique places together with our naturalistic guide.

Try it and you won't be able to stop it!

If you love the sea and watersports are your passion, contact us and discover the beauty of the coast of Orosei from a new and unique perspective!

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Mondiale di Triathlon 2015 all’Oasi di Bidderosa

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