SUP/Sail Tour

Thanks to its clear waters and white beaches Orosei's coast is the ideal place for people fond of sea and nature. We can discover these natural beauties together by floating in the water and visiting these magical sites from sea, in an 'active' way.

SUP and sail boat are ideal to 'stroll' over the sea to discover the 'Bidderosa Oasis', near Cala Liberotto, and the beaches of 'Cartoe' and 'Cala Luna'. These tours take the whole day (10 am to 4 pm) and are divided into two activities before and after the lunch break, offered from the school. In the morning you'll reach the beach guided by Simone (tour agency 'Andalia'), who will take you through fascinating paths to the chosen beach. He'll describe the characteristics of the local wildlife and will show you the typical buildings of the sardinian culture and the archeological ruins of the Nuragic civilization. Once on the beach, you can have a rest with a restoring bath and a short lunch break. In the afternoon, we'll go back to the starting point by sea using sail boats or SUP, according to the specific preferences. We'll then discover beaches and caves along the path, make some physical exercise or sail the sea.


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