Sup-Yoga  is a fusion of Yoga and Stand-up-paddling. Consist in practice Yoga on a SUP board in the water. After the boom of Stand-up-paddle during these lasts years, also this new manner of practice the art of Yoga had a big growth, because of the melting of the quietness and relaxing might of Yoga and the energy of the marine environment. Classes take place in the morning and at the sunset to take advantage of the calm and silent of the sea. We can just heard the sound of the light breeze and of littles waves that caress the shore. After some paddling on the sea, accompanied by our Hatha Yoga teacher we will start with some yoga positions, adapted to the level of every one, and we continue and terminate with some relaxation exercises.  The energy that Paula, our teacher, and the sea will communicate to you will be an experience that will enrich your life.

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  1. We are interested in SUP yoga and electric surfboards for 3 persons. We are in Cala Liberotto until August 31. Is this possible? Thank you

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