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Sail Courses

Sail boat involves using a boat which has the wind as its only propeller (on one or more sails). This discipline is certainly one of the most common watersports and attracts people of all ages.

Whether by gliding smoothly in calm waters or by defying the waves, sail boat offers great...

SUP Courses

SUP (stand up paddle) is a variation of surf where you stand up on a very big surfboard and move along using a paddle. It's quite a simple sport, which allows to acquire a good balance. It's certainly within the reach of all types of participants and can be easily performed...

Windsurf Courses

Windsurf is a sail boat specialty which consists in moving on the water over a board mainly thanks to the propulsion of the wind to a sail.

We teach the VDWS method, an international assotiation that represents all over the world an aligned system of services around watersports – specially windsports.